Company Profile

Number Nine Design is a Connecticut based engineering service, specializing in the design of Printed Circuit Boards.  We also offer PCB Fabrication, Assembly, Component Procurement, Mechanical Design/Detailing and Schematic Capture as subcontracted services.  While only recently being re-named Number Nine Design, the organization has been operating as a service for 9 years. A full-time staff manages the day-to-day aspects of the design workload and qualified per-diem designers are utilized to expand band width in peak times.  Our ongoing goal is simple... To be a leader in the Printed Circuit Design Service arena.
Pulling together decades of staff experience, we provide the highest level of of quality and service.  We utilize the most advanced tools available to today's technology.  To the future, we will continually upgrade and update Hardware, Software, Communications, Education, and Methods to remain and industry leader.  Our current tool set includes:

  • Cadence AllegroTM (NT Platform)  -  PCB Design
  • Specctra CCTTM  -  Rules Driven Autorouting
  • AutoCADTM  -  Mechanical Design and Detailing
  • OrCAD CaptureTM  -  Schematic Capture
  • SunUp Software's PcbViewTM  -  Off sight design review
  • OHIO Design Automation's InterCOMMTM
    Database Viewer/Internet communications tool

Our staff couples this sophisticated tool-set with a design methodology that involves you the customer, through up-front design interface and in-process reviews.  Since all staff members have a robust engineering background, many customers involve us at the conceptual stage.  Printed Circuit Design is no longer a connect-the-dot curriculum.  Customer involvement, talented designers, and constant interaction with Fabrication and Assembly Vendors yields a superior product, reduces errors and decreases time-to-market.

A Team of Engineering Professionals