• Gerber Files w/Aperture list  (RS-274D).**

  • NC Drill Tape w/Tape Param. File.**

  • Assembly Drawings (Gerber format standard).**

  • Fabrication Drawing (Gerber format standard).**

  • X-Y Pick/Place data**

  • Hard Copy Checkplots**

  • Design Netlist**

  • Adobe AcrobatTM PDF files of Checkplots.

  • Design Database (Cadence Allegro Format).

  • DXF, Post Script, or HPGL files of Assy and Fab.

  • Test Probe Data and/or NCD Data for test.

  • Wide variety of design related reports upon request.

  • ECO reports for detailed change analysis

  • Fabrication and Assembly data transmitted directly to third party vendors.

  • PcbViewTM Data for customer design review.

  • Laser Plotoplotted Artwork films and contacts

** Denoted Items supplied as "Standard".

A Team of Engineering Professionals